About me

I am a Computer Science undergrad studying at IIT Roorkee.


My interests include:
  • Computer Science: I care about information security, privacy and anonymity. I have dabbled in binary exploitation, reverse engineering, crypto and web application security. I have also done some software development + sysadmin/DevOps work.

  • Reading: I am an avid reader. My favourite genres being sci-fi, cyberpunk and fantasy among works of fiction. Among non-fiction books, I love to read interesting experiences and life stories of other people. I also read a lot of articles and latest news stories on hackernews and productive subreddits every day. I consider myself a consumer of information. I might not give back much, but I read and think a lot.

  • Entertaiment: Apart from reading, my other biggest source of entertainment is music. I listen to all sorts of artists and genres and try to select a song which augments the mood I’m in. I also recently started playing the Ukulele and am thoroughly enjoying it. Have a look at my Youtube channel for my regularly updated song playlists and a ukulele cover or two. Other than music, I watch movies (only the very best ones) and occasionally a tv show or two (my current favorites being Mr.Robot and Silicon Valley)